Community Supported Composting "CSC"


Community Supported Composting "CSC"

Ever wondered just where your food scraps go after you put them in the trash? It's a sad place, your local landfill. In this environment food scraps don't break down properly and become toxic sludge that gets trapped and emits large amounts of methane gasses into the atmosphere. Not Green.
With Two Farms, One Dream we offer the option to opt out of that toxic cycle! We offer Home Pick ups and a market program at Haile Farmers Market each week. You can become a CSC member today! As a CSC (Community Supported Compost) Member you get peace of mind knowing your food scraps and compostables are being taken care of responsibly. 
We turn it into soil that you have access to for your garden. That's Green!

Affordable Sliding Scale Subscriptions

Sliding Scale is a great way for us to offer affordable options for all households budgets. The idea is that each household pays what is affordable to them, with different pricing options we offer. These pricing options are represented by the "tiers" below.
With Sliding Scale there are options for everyone and room for growth of our farm's mission. 


Pays for bare minimal. (buckets/bucket replacement) Includes discounted soil.


Pays for more. (buckets, minimal time/labor). Includes discounted soil.


Pays for more stability. (buckets, time/labor) Includes free soil (4, 5-gallon buckets per year)


Pays for growth. (buckets, time/labor, repairs, and more)Includes free soil (4, 5-gallon buckets per year)

Market Program
@ Haile Farmers Market

Come on down to the Haile Farmers  Market on Saturdays to exchange your bucket. While you are there don't forget to grab your local fare.


Home pick ups with TFOD offers the convenience of having your bucket swapped each week right from your doorstep!

1. Sign up online. 
2. Receive a confirmation email stating that we received your subscription and you're in our service area. We will also assign you a weekly pick up day.
3. Receive your bucket on assigned pick up day. 
4. Put your compostables in the bucket throughout the week.
5. Put out your bucket on your next assigned pick up day, receive a clean one, repeat. 


Make your business green!

Harry, owner and operator of TFOD will get your team set up with the tools and knowledge to start diverting food waste. Harry has over 10 years of restaurant experience and understands the ins and outs of daily operations within the industry and can get you set up quickly and easily.

Why is composting good for business?
Composting with TFOD is a great way to get free advertising on social media and more. It's also a way to let your customers know you care about their future and state of our environment. Composting also lessens the loads taken out to the dumpster each day, making operations more efficient.

Sign up today and we will get you started with a plan specific to your business!
(Different prices may be recommended for each business based on materials, and amount of waste generated weekly.)

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